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March 8th, 2019
No more tickets available Schedule
9h-10h Welcoming
Coffee & croissants
10h-12h30 Morning talks
12h30-13h30 Lunch
Social event & buffet
13h-15h Trainings
Discover & practice
14h30-17h Afternoon talks
(fr) Stéphane Duverger & Anaïs Gantet
GUSTAVE: Fuzzing OS kernels like simple applications
(fr) Christophe Brocas tw
Certificate Transparency & threat detection, 24 months later
(fr) Marion Lafon tw
Trap your keyboard 101
(fr) Jean-Marc Bourguignon (NGO nothing2hide)
Infosec on the ground: butt naked Journalists & topless NGOs
(fr) Julien Lenoir & Benoît Camredon BlackHat
Deep Dive into an ICS Firewall, Looking for the Fire Hole
(fr) Pierre Schweitzer & Johanna Harpon
Feedback on end-user web connections cleaning through proxy with TLS bump
(fr) Vincent Nicomette
Vulnerability analysis of ADSL Boxes and Smart TVs
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